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Ordered by: Zarsima Ara co.

Moohot project was planned and executed by LimitLines advertising agency in August 2016 and remained active for six months. In this project, we decided to produce qualified content and introduce the new haircare and hair color products made by L’Oréal company, and to make a change in the users’ purchase habits thus encouraging them to purchase these products.


Beauty and healthcare are one of the main concerns for women nowadays, which they strive to overcome and to find a solution for. Our challenge in the Moohot project was to introduce the new L’Oréal haircare and hair color products, as a solution to our audience’s troubles. We had to present the new L’Oréal hair product “Magic Retouch” as a hair color concealer and to distinguish the differences between this product and the rest of the market. By comparing Magic Retouch to other haircare and hair color products, we had to demonstrate the outstanding quality and effects this product contains to the audience.


Online advertising:





Moohot project was executed with the purpose of raising awareness about L’Oréal’s new haircare and hair color products. With launching “Magic Retouch” Campaign, introducing the new hair product Magic Retouch, we tried to make the users familiar with the product and its extraordinary quality. We intended to gain trust from users and change their buying habits with being active in social media and demonstrating the effectiveness and high quality of L’Oréal’s haircare and hair color products.


Our services during this digital campaign was online advertising, which by producing visual and written content (such as photography and GIFs), producing video ads, holding competitions, creating and managing an Instagram account and vast influencer marketing in social media we were able to increase the sales amount and the product’s popularity. This campaign was so successful that the official Instagram account of L’oreal Paris shared some of Moohot posts.


To reach a high engagement rate and to raise awareness about L’oreal’s new hair products, we launched Magic Retouch campaign to introduce the new hair color product called Magic Retouch. Also, we tried to raise awareness among the audience about the quality of the company’s hair products through influencers. We presented this product as some kind of magic that lets the users have their ideal result. We were able to increase the engagement rate and followers’ number using efficient and effective content, video advertisings, influencer marketing and holding competitions.

Contents and video samples produced for “Moohot” campaign: