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L’Oreal Men Expert

Ordered by: Zarsima Ara Co.

L’Oréal Men Expert project, was ordered by Zarsima Ara corporation and later planned and executed by LimitLines agency on December 2017 and lasted for six months. In this project, LimitLines agency launched a campaign called “The Attractive Man” to redefine the definition of attractiveness for men, considering various and upgraded standards in different matters (such as hygiene, fashion, sports, beauty and etc…). simultaneously, L’Oréal beauty and healthcare products for men (with the title Men Expert) were introduced to the audience.


In today’s world, “attractiveness” and “what it means to be attractive” is becoming a major problem to a great number of men. To some, it is becoming a complicated challenge; because there is no clear boundary and definition of it in the world of men. On the other hand, there has not been a culture for using healthcare and beauty products for men; therefore, to introduce these products, there had to be a twisted strategy. Specially because it had to become clear for the users why they have to develop a taste and precision in the beauty and healthcare products they pick, and also what makes L’Oréal Men Expert products stand out compared to other similar products.


Online advertising:





The main goal in the launching of The Attractive Man Campaign was to renew the definition of attractiveness to the male users of social media. This campaign tried to make the audience familiar with the concept of a modern attractive man and to reach this goal, it presented some solution to have a right lifestyle regarding nutrition, workouts, fashion and etc… that will lead to the increase of attractiveness. Also, it was intended to raise the engagement rate and followers in social media and to make the brand’s name go viral.


Our services during this digital campaign were including online advertising which consists of written content, visual content such as photography, cinemographs and GIFs, producing viral video ads for social media, holding competitions, Instagram account management and influencer marketing in social media. These efforts led to increasing of sales and popularity of the mentioned products.


To reach the purposes of L’Oreal Men Expert project, The Attractive Man Campaign was planned and executed. In this campaign, we increased the engagement rate and the number of followers by producing viral videos using social media influencers, influencer marketing, holding competitions and through visual and written contents in social media. During the campaign, the users were encouraged to participate in a competition by naming the features of an attractive man and tagging an attractive man they know. At last, prizes were given to a number of participants after a drawing of lots.

Contents and video samples produced for “The Attractive Man” campaign: