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LG SolarDom

Ordered by: LG/Goldiran company

The LG SolarDom project was planned and executed by LimitLines team, by the order of LG / Goldiran Company which was held in August of 2017 and lasted for three months. In this project, we planned a two-phase advertising campaign in order to introduce our audience to the new series of LG SolarDom products and its incredible features. In “mySolarDom” campaign, which simultaneously was active in the digital and offline world, we tried to encourage our audiences to use the new LG SolarDom product and share their experience with us. we managed to introduce users to this product and its details by using Influencer marketing, holding events and competitions.


The lack of awareness about the new LG SolarDom series and the friendly experience of using this product compared to other similar products, were among the challenges we faced during this project. We needed to introduce the new features and capabilities of this product by knowing the society and users’ tastes and habits in food industry. On the other hand, in spite of various choices available for our audience and widespread presence of rival brands, we had no choice but to find a way to attract our users’ attention and distinguish ourselves from other advertising campaigns. For it is harder to gain people’s trust when it comes to advertisement.


Here is a list of the medias that we have used during “mySolarDom” campaign.

Online Advertising:

  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Aparat

Offline advertising:

  • Events
  • Contests


One of our main goals and targets in this project was to inform people about the simple usage and the high quality of the new LG SolarDom series. We aimed to increase our user’s knowledge and their engagement rate with the new LG SolarDom product by holding up “MySolarDom” campaign and the different events and competitions. In fact, we wanted to involve more users with this project and make a positive impact on their minds in order to persuade them to choose this product over other similar ones for their daily use.


Our services during this campaign were including online and offline advertising; which in our online advertising section we made an advertising video which went viral; we also created content through visuals and texts, influencer marketing and KOLs and also social media accounts like Instagram to inform our audience. The online activities of mySolarDom campaign was so good that it increased the engagement rate of people with this product by 80%.


In the offline section, we also have been able to raise awareness about the details and options of the new LG SolarDom product by organizing events such as cooking classes and contests.


considering our goals and purposes over the new series of the LG SolarDom product, we launched mySolarDom campaign in two phases. In the first phase of this campaign, we produced a number of video ads which displayed parents and children while cooking and using the new SolarDom product. Following this plan, we encouraged our audience to take photos and videos from their children while eating or cooking foods and share them with us on their social media using #mySolarDom hashtag. In the second phase, we were able to introduce different options of the new LG SolarDom product and inform users, by planning an Iranian chef’s home-made / LG Goldiran contest in two semi-finals and final stages. we also managed to increase the engagement and awareness rate among our users and informed them about this LG SolarDom product with influencer marketing, creating video ads and holding up different events and competitions.

Contents and video samples produced for “LG SolarDom” campaign: