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Ordered by: Goldiran Company

The LG B7 project was launched by LimitLines advertising agency by the order of Goldiran Co. which was started on December 2017 and continued for 10 months. With launching a digital campaign titled as “No Disturbance Friday”, we intended to introduce the new LG B7 vacuum cleaner and its up-to-date features to the public. The campaign began its activities in social media and networks, and with creative ideas and online activities, tried to get users familiar with the unique features of the new LG B7 vacuum cleaner and how it works.


Introducing the new LG B7 low-noise vacuum cleaner, was one of the main challenges for our team in the “No Disturbance Friday” campaign. For the beginning, we had to produce contents which was estimated to catch the audience’s attention and make them more involved in becoming familiar with this product. Regarding other promotional campaigns at the same time as our campaign, we had to work in a way that distinguished the product from other vacuum cleaners in the market by taking into account the specific features of the LG B7 vacuum cleaner which eventually leads to increase the interaction rate in this campaign.


We use different tools to introduce each advertising campaign, which has different and sometimes even common usages. Below is a list of the medias that we used during the No Disturbance campaign in order to inform and communicate with people.

Online Advertising:




The No Disturbance campaign began its activity with the aim of introducing the new LG B7 vacuum cleaner to the audience. By launching this campaign, we intended to introduce LG’s new product as a lightweight and low-noise vacuum cleaner, with providing information on the new Super-Inverter technology used in this product, we meant to fulfill the audience’s information on this vacuum cleaner to distinguish it from other similar products in the market. In addition, we were aiming to create an appropriate atmosphere to stimulate the audience’s creativity, in order to engage them as well as increasing the sales for the LG B7 vacuum cleaners.


During our digital campaign, our services included online advertising that generated creative visual contents and advertising videos, creating Instagram accounts and widespread Influencer Marketing on social media which remarkably increased the campaign’s success and product sales.


To start the digital activities for the LG B7 project, we held a campaign titled as No Disturbance Friday. The campaign began its online activities by emphasizing on a relaxing atmosphere at home or workplaces displayed on social media. At the beginning of this campaign, we urged people to share their experiences of a day without any concerns by #peace_of_mind_friday, winning a day without any concerns and a LG B7 Vacuum Cleaner from the Goldiran Co. Then, along with the audiences’ activities on social media, we tried to introduce them to this vacuum cleaner and the new Super-Inverter technology used in it, in comparison to other noisy vacuum cleaners in the market. We have been successfully informed users of this product in the marketplace and its new capabilities by producing efficient contents and creating innovative videos, using inviting ideas and influencer marketing, and also greatly increase the amount of sales and audience engagement rates.

Contents and video samples produced for “LG B7” campaign: