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Letter to the Future

Ordered by: Ayandeh Bank

“Letter to the Future” was a social responsibility campaign, planned and executed by LimitLines company by the order of Ayandeh Bank. This campaign was held in January of 2017 and lasted for about six months. During this campaign, we encouraged people to write about their future demands and dreams and to share them with us on our landing page and look forward to send back their letters at their requested time to remind them of their ambitions and hopes. The main purpose of this campaign was to raise awareness for Ayandeh bank and its services through using the “Future” factor in the project. At the end of this project, Ayandeh Bank managed to make some of people’s dreams come true, out of thousands of letters which we received from all over Iran.


In consideration of the economic crisis and the lack of public trust in social services, especially in banks, raising awareness for the Ayandeh bank and gaining the trust of the people was a difficult challenge we faced. During this campaign, we had to explore and chase the current needs of people, using all the advertising spaces, finding a right way to bring the audience what they demand; and use them in the “Be Ayandeh Fekr Kon” project, in order to raise awareness and increase engagement among users. On the other hand, considering the recent diversity of users tastes, we had to find a way to draw our audience’s attention and distinguish ourselves from other advertising campaigns. For It’s harder than ever to get users’ trust among the various advertising campaigns and medias.


Here is a list of the medias that we have used during “Letter to The Future” campaign.

Online Advertising:

  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Aparat

Offline advertising:

  • printed advertisement
  • advertisement banners
  • Environmental media


Raising awareness and gaining more trust in the Ayandeh Bank and its nature were the main goals of “Letter to The Future” campaign. We intended to increase the engagement rate and involvement on social networks to a large extent of users, by using the concept of future in this project; we wanted to remind them that they always can count on Ayandeh Bank and its services in order to fulfil their hopes and dreams and get a clear image from their future. By attracting users and increasing their feedbacks, we were aiming for creative ideas to create a positive impact on the audience’s thoughts; and by informing our users about Ayandeh Bank and its services we planned to gain their trust and give them a better concept about their future.


Our services during this campaign included online and offline advertising, which in our online advertising section we used social media ads, site and landing page designs, Influencer Marketing and Instagram accounts on social networks. The outcome of the online activities for “Letter to the Future” campaign was great enough that it resulted in national and international media coverage of the campaign and its positive feedback.

In the offline section, we also provided services in the form of spreading news about our campaign, banner ads, printed services and environmental medias.


In order to inform the audience about Ayandeh bank and its true nature Based on our targets and the wide spreading researches, we set up the “Letter to The Future” campaign. At first, we asked people to think about their future, remember their dreams and share them with us, and receive it in different circumstances from their present situations.  During this campaign, we provided creative text and video contents, informing them about the services they could get from Ayandeh bank to invest in their futures. Moreover, we managed to boost the engagement rate and involvement among users, using influencer marketing and KOLs, producing viral video ads, as well as illustrating creative designs and landing page for this project. And at the end, we’ve succeeded to reach our targets by getting an unexpected amount of interactions from users, by receiving letters they sent to us from all over the country.

Contents and video samples produced for “Letter to the Future” campaign: